Becoming A Financially Confident Woman

This podcast aims to empower, educate and encourage women with the knowledge and confidence they need to take control of their financial lives. Each episode provides actionable advice, real-life stories, and expert insights to help women achieve financial independence and confidence.

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Monday Apr 15, 2024

In this podcast, we explore the age-old question: should you pay off your mortgage early?  Delve into the intricacies of mortgage repayment strategies, financial planning insights to help you navigate this critical decision.  Tune in as we weight the pros and cons, debunk myths, and provide guidance to empower you on your journey to financial freedom.
To learn more about Dr. April and how she helps women executives and business owners create and grow generational wealth contact her office at: or call 904-753-5250. You may also visit her website at:

Thursday Apr 11, 2024

Dr. April chats with mortgage expert Mrs. Candice Sturgis.  Candice is a mortgage expert at Main Street Home Loans.  She works with first time homebuyers, divorcees, real estate investors and others to educate and assist them in the mortgage lending process. She has decades of experience in banking, finance, and the mortgage industry.
Listen as we delve into the complex world of divorce and home ownership. Join us as we explore the intricacies of untangling shared mortgages, navigating refinancing options, and understanding the legal and financial implications of dividing property during divorce proceedings.
Candice  provides practical insights and strategies to help divorcing couples navigate this challenging terrain and make informed decisions about their mortgages and future home ownership. Whether you're facing divorce or supporting someone who is, this podcast equips you with the knowledge and resources to navigate the intersection of mortgages and divorce with confidence and clarity.
To discuss your mortgage options you may contact Candice at: or visit her website at or call 904-490-9201 ext. 701

Monday Mar 25, 2024

Dr. April talks with Mrs. Lakita Spann, CEO of Mr. Potato Spread, a successful eatery in Jacksonville, Florida.  Mrs. Spann was also selected as Jacksonville's Small Business Leader of the Year for 2024.  
Listen to the captivating podcast that shares the inspiring story of a remarkable woman business owner who has overcome numerous challenges to become the Small Business Leader of the Year.  In this episode we delve into her journey, explore the obstacles she and her husband face, the strategies she employed, and the lessons she learned along the way.  
Listeners will gain valuable insights into entrepreneurship, resilience, and the power of perseverance.  Listen as we discuss the trials and celebrate the triumphs and navigate the trials of small business leadership with this extraordinary woman at the helm.
If you are in Jacksonville, Florida I encourage you to visit her restaurant.  If you are not local, she does ship orders too!  Visit:

Thursday Mar 14, 2024

Dr. April talks with Dr. Pamela Harvey-Cox a successful business owner in Direct Sales.   Direct sales have long provided women with opportunities for financial independence and entrepreneurship, offering flexibility alongside other responsibilities like family and caregiving. 
Dr. Harvey-Cox shares how she grew from a SC State employee and single mother to a fulltime  ultra successful business owner in the Direct Sales industry. Shares the common challenges that prevent women from succeeding in the industry and how she works with those willing to help them build businesses that allow them to leave a legacy for their families and communities.  
To learn more about Dr. Harvey-Cox visit her website: 

Monday Mar 04, 2024

In this inspiring episode of "Becoming a Financially Confident Woman", host Dr. April Murdaugh converses with Dr. Tammy Hodo, CEO of All Things Diverse. The in-depth discussion traverses Tammy's significant journey advocating diversity and inclusion as tools for transforming businesses and communities.
An expose of her experiences, from face-offs with institutional racism and sexism to establishing a business promoting diverse and inclusive workspaces, this candid conversation offers invaluable insights for women entrepreneurs. Beyond the professional realm, you learn about the undying resilience of a multiethnic woman turning adversity into success while promoting equity and social justice.
Moving from individual to societal narratives, the episode explores systemic biases and their impacts, highlighting the persisting racial disparities despite well-intentioned laws. It addresses poignant hustles like high infant mortality rates among African Americans, over-policing, and generational wealth discrepancies. Expect a meticulous analysis on historical practices responsible for these disparities.
Then, Dr. Tammy Hodo takes us deeper, illuminating the effects of housing policies and practices such as suburbanization on minority communities. It's an eye-opening exploration of historical structures perpetuating socioeconomic gaps. However, it's not all under the hammer; the episode provides constructive solutions: cultural competence, pedagogic reform, and mentorship.
Firmly believing in the power of empathy and shared histories as societal glue, the episode urges building cultural intelligence and takes a stand against stereotypical representations of diverse cultures. Join this enlightening discourse about diversity, inclusion, and the importance of cultural competence in organizational settings, as we venture through the intricate landscape of societal relations.
Finally, listen to Dr. Hodo champion cultural competence strategies that organizations can adopt to enhance diversity. With a peek into her practical guidebook on handling difficult dialogues about identity, race, and politics, this episode emphasizes the need to go beyond just ticking off diversity and inclusivity checkboxes, urging us to be genuine change agents.
To reach Dr. Hodo visit:
To watch her TED Talk visit:
To get a copy of her book visit:

Thursday Feb 29, 2024

Dr. April talks with CPA and Tax Advisor Wendy Barlin, CPA. Wendy is a personal business manager and financial confidante. Her specialty is taking all the tedious financial chores off the shoulders of busy professionals and business owners so that they can focus on the areas where they excel. she is committed to her clients' success. Whether establishing cost-cutting computer systems, negotiating with their banks or vendors, or analyzing their cash flow, she ensures that all financial decisions lead to greater profits. 
To learn more about how you can work with Wendy email her at or call: 310-405-1655

Monday Feb 19, 2024

Broke No More: Healing Money Shame with Melisa Alaba.

Monday Feb 05, 2024

Dr. April unpacks essential tips for navigating conversations about money with your significant other.  Discover effective communication strategies, learn how to set common financial goals, and gain insights into building a strong financial foundation as a couple. 
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Wednesday Jan 24, 2024

Dr. April talks with Ms. Joy Young (she/her), the President of the Alpha Lamda Zeta Fraternity Incorporated, a National Lesbian Fraternity.  In this insightful conversation, they delve into the distinctive financial landscape of the LGBTQ+ community.  
Joy generously shares her wisdom, offering advice, personal stories, and valuable insights.  Together, they aim to enlighten listeners and individuals aspiring to contribute to the community, emphasizing that personal choices should not hinder access to essential services and products. Embark with us on a transformative journey toward financial empowerment and inclusivity.  
To learn more about Joy Young and the Alpha Lamda Zeta Fraternity Incorporated visit their website at: 

New Year, No Debt!

Monday Jan 15, 2024

Monday Jan 15, 2024

In this podcast Dr. April discusses strategies and tips for eliminating debt as a goal for the new year. This episode covers topics such honoring the commitment you make to yourself, know your current financial position to include income and necessary expenses, and strategies to begin the debt-freedom journey.  If you would like the Spending Plan worksheet referenced in the podcast email for a complimentary copy at
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Becoming A Financially Confident Woman

This podcast is for woman, and those who self-identify as such, who want to become financially confident.  Women who are tired of the financial industry catering its services, conversations, education and products to men. Here women get the education conversations, services, in a nonjudgmental environment, catered to them.  We will discuss important topics such as wealth, health, family, lifestyle, faith, relationships and so much more.  

I am Dr. April Murdaugh, CEO and founder of Woman To Woman Financial, a virtual fee-based wealth management firm for women executives, business owners, and their families who want to flourish financially to create and grow generational wealth.  

I invite you to subscribe and share this podcast with your best girlfriends as we begin the journey to becoming financially confident women.

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