Becoming A Financially Confident Woman

This podcast aims to empower, educate and encourage women with the knowledge and confidence they need to take control of their financial lives. Each episode provides actionable advice, real-life stories, and expert insights to help women achieve financial independence and confidence.

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3 days ago

Since this is Open Enrollment season, Dr. April talks with Health Insurance expert Lorie Johns.  Lorie has been in the health insurance industry for 25 years. She is not just an agent, but an adviser to people needing individual health insurance and Medicare coverage. On this podcast, Lorie educates us on the health insurance terminology, how to interpret different types of coverages, the purpose for the Marketplace, how to select coverage and so much more.
You might want to have a pen and pad available as you listen. If you need to contact Lorie, you may reach her by email at: or via phone at 904-723-9083.  Website:

Monday Nov 27, 2023

Dr. April explores the critical decision individuals face when it comes to managing their finances.  She delves into the pros and cons of do-it-yourself financial planning versus seeing professional advice.  Listeners can expect to gain a comprehensive understanding of the advantages and challenges associated with both DIY financial management and relying on financial professionals.  The podcast aims to empower its audience with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about their financial future. 
If you need help contact Dr. April for a complimentary consultation at:

Friday Nov 24, 2023

Dr. April interviews Mrs. Twyla Prindle-Ivey, the CEO and Founder of Kash Kids a nonprofit organization that teaches financial literacy to K-12 students in Jacksonville Florida and surrounding areas.  She also has an online program available to children nationwide.  Twyla is no stranger to financial mistakes.  She has taken the education she received from her parents and her own experiences to help children and their parents learn about money to help them lead "struggle free lives."  
Twyla also has a curriculum and books that she self-published, focused on financial topics for children.  For this holiday season she is offering an eight book bundle for $55. You may visit her website at: to learn more about her organization and obtain financial education materials for your children, grandchildren, friends and family.  For more information visit her website or email her at: 

Monday Nov 06, 2023

Dr. April talks with Image Presentation & Executive Coach  Linda Yates about negotiating as a C-Suite woman.  Ms. Yates is a former CEO of a fortune 100 company an author, leadership consultant, keynote speaker and host of the IntHerRupt Podcast.  She shares tips that women need when negotiating for a pay or position raise.  Believe it or not your image matters.  Your image boosts your confidence and is an important part of the negotiation process.  Ms. Yates outlines the things women need to prepare to negotiate.
Contact Linda to learn more about her services Email: Website:
Phone: 561-206-2531.

Monday Oct 30, 2023

Dr. April explores an extremely sensitive topic among parents.  A single mother herself, she provides five key reasons why life insurance for your children matters.  Many parents have group term life insurance for their children through their employer.  Job changes and layoffs are the reasons why she encourages families purchase life insurance outside of work for themselves and their minor children.  
Listen as she outlines and explains the reasons why you should purchase this important coverage especially for your minor children. 
To learn if the strategies outlined in the podcast are for your, schedule a complimentary financial consultation at: Email: or call 904-753-5250.  Website:

Monday Oct 23, 2023

Dr. April chats with Mrs. Genie McGee, Retirement Mortgage Specialist at Fairway Mortgage.  Mrs. McGee dispels the myths surrounding using your home as part of your retirement and generational wealth strategy.
Mrs. McGee outlines the qualifications, the process, and why should someone seek to use their home as part of their retirement planning strategy. Moreover, she explains that this strategy is not for the desperate person or a last resort option, but should be an option for all homeowners when planning their financial futures.
Gone are the days where Home Equity Conversion Mortgages are for only poor people in urban communities; it has now become a strategy used by the middle class and high net worth individuals desiring to live the retirement lifestyle they deserve as well as leave a lasting legacy.
Listen as we delve into this controversial topic. 
For questions, you may contact Mrs. McGee at: 404-388-1885 or via email at: Visit her website:

Starting Over Financially

Monday Oct 16, 2023

Monday Oct 16, 2023

Dr. April shares her story of how she lost everything three times and started over financially. A widow and divorcee, she had her share of financial challenges.  Determined to learn to improve her financial life and share this knowledge with others, she began teaching financial education courses for free in her church and local libraries f After crawling out from a financial mess once again and becoming a college professor, she began her firm Woman To Woman Financial, a wealth management firm that provides women executives, business owners and their families the financial education, encouragement and empowerment needed to gain the financial confidence and create and grow generational wealth.
In this podcast, Dr. April shares the tips she used to overcome her financial challenges and start anew. To learn more about how she works with clients, schedule a financial consultation at: or email her at:

Monday Oct 02, 2023

Women physicians receive less compensation than their male counterparts, are more likely to experience burnout, have to juggle the demands of family life, caregiving, patient care, continuing education and planning their financial futures.
In this episode Dr. Murdaugh, CEO/Founder of Woman To Woman Financial, a wealth management firm for women, discusses the top financial concerns of women physicians based on her experience as an Investment Adviser.  She discusses topics such as negotiating, the gender pay gap, planning to pivot, family planning, understanding contracts, and creating and growing wealth. 
To learn more about her services and schedule a complimentary call click:
To visit her website:
Call 904-753-5250

Monday Sep 25, 2023

Dr. April interviews Kimberly Trimingham a widow whose husband was one of the employees in the Towers September 11, 2001. Kimberly explains how she tragically lost her husband who was on the 104th of the Tower.  She shares the struggle of accepting his passing, being thrust into becoming a single mother of three small children, how she managed emotionally, mentally, and financially.  This podcast explores the resilience and strength of Kimberly as she and her young children navigated the aftermath of 9/11.  
Ms. Trimingham gives suggestions to women on navigating sudden loss, and shares how she and her children, now successful adults, managed to survive with the help of family, friends, and the New York community.  

Creating a New Money Mindset

Monday Sep 18, 2023

Monday Sep 18, 2023

Many women have negative beliefs and shame about money their relationship with money, and where they are financially.  Dr. April talks with Sophia Hyde, Certified Master Coach with Ziglar, Inc, a leader in the personal growth and development space for more than four decades. We discuss the many negative beliefs women have about money and how Sophia works with them to create the life they desire. 
Sophia specializes in teaching courses, workshops, and coaching with one-on-one clients. We discuss how she helps her clients develop new belief systems to help them release their favorite self. She was actually my life coach and has helped me develop new beliefs and use her tool the "Thought Wheel" and the "Life Wheel" to reframe negative feelings and beliefs and begin the process of creating my favorite self. 
She has a podcast aptly titled: Your Favorite Self
To learn more about Sophia visit her website:
To schedule a Roadmap Session the first step in her coaching process visit:


Becoming A Financially Confident Woman

This podcast is for woman, and those who self-identify as such, who want to become financially confident.  Women who are tired of the financial industry catering its services, conversations, education and products to men. Here women get the education conversations, services, in a nonjudgmental environment, catered to them.  We will discuss important topics such as wealth, health, family, lifestyle, faith, relationships and so much more.  

I am Dr. April Murdaugh, CEO and founder of Woman To Woman Financial, a virtual fee-based wealth management firm for women executives, business owners, and their families who want to flourish financially to create and grow generational wealth.  

I invite you to subscribe and share this podcast with your best girlfriends as we begin the journey to becoming financially confident women.

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